>>> Rumah2 beberapa Pemain Man United..

Seperti pepatah bilang... "rumahku adalah istanaku"

berikut saya posting beberapa mansion/rumah tinggal pesepak bola dari man united...

semoga gan... suka...

langsung saja... enjoi...

1.Rio Ferdinand - 5jt euro.

2.Ryan Giggs - 4.5jt euro.
Spoiler for Ryan Giggs:

3.Michael Carrick - 4.25jt euro.
Spoiler for Michael Carrick:

4.Cristiano Ronaldo - 4jt euro.
Spoiler for Cristiano Ronaldo:

5.Wayne Rooney - 3.5jt euro.
Spoiler for Wayne Rooney:

6.Wes Brown - 3.5jt euro.
Spoiler for Wes Brown:

7.Paul scholes - 2jt euro.
Spoiler for Paul Scholes:

8.Sir Alex Ferguson - 2jt euro.
Spoiler for Sir Alex Ferguson:

How millionaire team-mates score on the home side

MAN United players will always win at home-just take a look at their multi- million-pound mansions.

The Premiership legends, chasing a record five trophies this season, are certainly in a league of their own when it comes to pads.

Header the list is RIO FERDINAND, 31, whose £5 million nest (pictured above) in Cheshire is the most expensive in football.

The three-storey pile, which he shares with fiancée Rebecca Ellison and their two sons, boasts seven bedrooms, an indoor pool and fitness centre. And outside there's plenty of room for the kids, Lorenz, three, and seven-month-old Tate, who have a huge lawn surrounded by mature woodland to play in.

Teammate RYAN GIGGS, 35, is a close second in the league, with a £4.5 million home in Greater Manchester-that wouldn't look out of place in Los Angeles.

It is as big as Ferdinand's-and even has a sunken patio-but lacks the grounds and posh postcode of his teammate's. We can't hear Ryan's wife Stacey and kids Liberty and Zach complaining though.

Midfielder MICHAEL CARRICK, 27, is not far behind, with a lavish £4.25 million Cheshire pad. He bulldozed the existing house on the land to build a dream family home for wife Lisa and their baby daughter. It includes seven bedrooms, a library, cinema, wine cellar, indoor pool, private gym and sprawling patio with hot-tub.

His next-door neighbour is former Man U legend and current Man City boss Mark Hughes, whose house is worth £1.5 million.


Wearing the No4 shirt is singleton CRISTIANO RONALDO, 24, who splashed out £4 million on a three-storey, five-bed home in the village where Rio lives.

But after bulldozing the original house on the site, neighbours branded the Portuguese winker's new pad: "Ugly, offensive, brutal and insensitive." Next, it's a draw for WAYNE ROONEY and WES BROWN. The pair spent £3.5 million each to have homes designed and built by Dawn Ward-the wife of ex-Sheffield United star Ashley- very close to each other in Cheshire.

Wayne, 23, and wife Coleen's mansion boasts an indoor pool and tennis court. While single Wes, 29, has 360° picture windows, a sound-proofed studio and an enormous bespoke chandelier.

A stone's throw away is CARLOS TEVEZ's £2.5 million, six-bed bachelor's pad, previously owned by former Utd star Kieran Richardson.

Tevez, 25, moved in after Richardson was flogged to Sunderland in 2007. Towards the bottom of the table is PAUL SCHOLES, 34, who is having the finishing touches put to his £2 million pad in Greater Manchester.

The one-storey building for him, his wife Claire and their three kids is more modest than most-but there is a football pitch in his back garden.

And he has pipped DARREN FLETCHER, 25, who lives with girlfriend Hayley Grice and their two-year-old twins Jack and Tyler in a £1.5 million Cheshire pad.

The properties of these nine players alone are worth a staggering £30.75 million -and that's not counting their teammates'.

Boss Sir Alex Ferguson lives in Cheshire in a faux-tudor mansion that's worth around £2 million.

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